JanuaryBattle2018 🔥 Official Scoresheet

Table of Contents

3 Days 01:39:13


# Crew Total Distance*

Hall of Fame – 400k Runners

Rules for the January Battle

  • The limit per runner is 400K
  • Indoor / Manual runs need to have photo proof. So for instance a photo from the treadmill screen.
  • Crews can have unlimited runners entered.
  • *Top 5 Men + Top 5 Women will make up the score
  • If two or more crews are tied the Top 6 of both genders will be added to the score
  • If there is still a tie the Top 7 will count and so on.
  • If you don’t have a sixth men or woman they will automatically get 0 kilometers.
  • Most importantly have fun and stay healthy!

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