The activities are updated in real time. As soon as the activity is available on strava, we import it for the lead board.
If you don't see your run, it can have different reasons and you check the following points:

  • Is the run available on your user profile (Memberlist > Crew > Your Name) ?
  • Yes!
    • Nice, we don't have a problem and your run does not match with the rules.
  • No!
This information is provided through Strava. If you find a mistake, update your profile on strava and press the "Connect with Strava" button in the navigation again. This will update your data.

The own crew or the personal goal can be changed via the user settings. To access the setting, simply click on the connect with strava button and then click on your user name in the menu.

The activity can simply be deleted on Strava and then it will also be deleted here.

The January Battle ends on 31.01.2023 at 23:59:99 and we consider your local time zone.

You can contact us via Facebook Messenger.

For quick help, please send your messages in English or German. in most cases it is also very helpful if your message also contains the link to your Strava profile.